Faster, more efficient cargo handling reduces costs and increases profit opportunities for all vessel owners—inland, coastal and deepdraft. To satisfy the changing needs of these cost-conscious customers, manufacturers of deck machinery and cargo


Hoskins To Head Gulf Regional Office For W.B. Arnold In Houston

Richard I. Hoskins has assumed overall sales and management responsibilities for the Gulf regional office of W.B. Arnold Co., Inc. in Houston, Texas. Mr. Hoskins's previous experience includes over 20 years in various senior management positions with the Gulf Oil Corporation,


Better Equipment Increases Profitability —A Review— Most U.S. shipyards are in the process of increasing their efforts to expand repair and conversion work, both commercial and military. As many of these projects include drydocking, the efficiency


—A Review— Faster turnaround in port means increased profits for all vessel operators. To meet that need, designers and manufacturers of cargo handling equipment and access and stowage systems continue to improve their products and to introduce new,

Blume Worldwide Named Sales Representative For Selco Group Of Singapore

William J. Blume, president, announces that Blume Worldwide Services has been appointed North American sales representative for the Selco Group of Companies, Singapore. The Selco Group includes Selco Salvage, which operates a comprehensive marine

From E-Biz to E-Bust: Is Online Chartering and Sale and Purchase Possible?

The failure rate for new ventures in cyberspace is very high, and there is no reason to believe that maritime "dot corns" will fare differently. When e-biz companies fail, the reasons often given are lack of invest- ment ("the money ran out") or

Rapifax Supplies U.S. Lines With Shipping Industry's First High-Speed Facsimile System

Rapifax Corporation has supplied United States Lines with nine Rapifax 100 units domestically, and seven overseas, creating the first high-speed facsimile system for the transmission of stowage information in the intermodal transport industry. This

Murphy's All-New Gage And Control Catalog Pictures Over 80 Products

A new condensed catalog from Frank W. Murphy Mfr., Tulsa, Okla., describes products from gages to complete control systems. All-new for 1991, the catalog contains photos and specifications for over 80 products. Many new products are included,

Kobelt's 2-Station Control System Is Simple In Design, Durable In Construction

Kobelt, manufacturer of high quality marine controls for 25 years, has recently introduced an innovative new two-station, single engine control system for clutch and engine throttle functions. Known as the 2090 Series, it was designed to provide the ultimate in simplicity,

Watercom Offers Extra Convenience Of Fax Machine Message Transmission

—Literature Available Subscribers to Watercom are discovering a unique feature of the only direct dial, marine telecommunications system available. They're discovering that Watercom operates with facsimile (FAX) machines. Prior to the advent of Watercom,

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