Faster, more efficient cargo handling reduces costs and increases profit opportunities for all vessel owners—inland, coastal and deepdraft. To satisfy the changing needs of these cost-conscious customers, manufacturers of deck machinery and cargo


Unique Lobster Boat Miss Julie D e l i v e r e d By G l a d d i n g - H e a rn

Designed by Robert Henry of Bay Marine, Inc. and built by Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding Corporation for Robert P. Stevens of Buzzards Bay, Mass., the lobster boat Miss Julie is an all-aluminum, 65-foot single-screw vessel that combines speed, maintainability,

Caterpillar-Powered Fishing Vessel Delivered By Rodriguez Boat Builders

A trend toward more versatile fishing vessels may be established by a new craft, the Pacific Monarch, built by Rodriguez Boat Builders, Bayou La Batre, Ala., for service in Alaska and the Bering Sea. In recent years, fishing vessel designers and

Passenger Vessels: What's in Store in 2004?

The passenger vessel market is a classic mature marine market. Segments of it are doing well, while other parts have literally died. For example, the overnight segment of the market saw one substantial vessel delivered in 2003 with none on the horizon for 2004.

Marine coatings & corrosion control

Manufacturers and suppliers of marine coatings and other corrosion- prevention measures continue to improve their products and services. In the important area of reducing fuel consumption, a new generation of self-polishing, antifouling hull coatings,

Krupp MaK Diesel Moves To New Headquarters For North American Operations

Krupp MaK Diesel, Inc., one of the leading suppliers of medium- speed, four-stroke, heavy oil engines, has relocated its North American h e a d q u a r t e rs from Rosemont, to Glenview, 111., to provide the latest state-of-theart services to the U.

ABB Offers Eight-Page, Full-Color Brochure On Turbochargers

ABB Turbo Systems Ltd. of Baden, Switzerland, has published an eight-page, full-color brochure on the VTR..4E range of turbochargers manufactured by the company. BBC turbochargers type VTR have been manufactured since 1944, during which time they

Hovermarine Announces First Sale To Japan

Hovermarine Transport Limited, the Southampton, Englandbased manufacturers of the HM.2 Mark III Hoverferry, has announced the first sale of their 65-passenger craft in Japan. Hovermarine decided more than two years ago to mount an extensive marketing effort in the Far East,


ANSCHUETZ Circle 6 1 on Reader Service Card Anschuetz & Co. GmbH of Kiel- Wik, West Germany, designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of navigation products, including gyrocompasses, autopilots, and steering controls that have been installed on more than 9,

Soundcoat Offers Brochure On Vibration-Dissipating Noise Reduction Material

The acoustical laboratory of Soundcoat Company, Inc., Deer Park, N.Y., has improved upon their proprietary vibration control material DYAD where it can now provide high damping from -15 F for DYAD 601 to 250 F for DYAD 609. DYAD is used for constrained layer

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