Spiegel Grove: Saved to be Sunken

It was supposed to be the world's largest artificial coral reef for scuba diving, located off the coast of Key Largo. More than eight years ago, a group of divers from the area devised a plan to sink a 510 f t . < 155.4-m) retired Dock Landing Ship (LSD) to the bottom of 130 f t (39.


Rocknes Successfully Parbuckled

On March 30, 2004, the parbuckling of MV Rocknes in Agotnes, Norway, was completed by SMIT Salvage. After two months of preparations, a two-daylong unique operation ensued as the vessel was pulled upright from its upsidedown position. The salvors

Ship Graveyard

Imagine earning $1.25 a day to wade through knee-deep mucky waters on a beach in Bangladesh, to dismantle enormous ships with little more than hand tools. This practice is conducted every day by Bangladeshi laborers who work as ship breakers. These vessels,

Peterson Yard Launches Another Rescue/Salvage Vessel For Navy

Peterson Builders, Inc. (PBI) of Sturgeon Bay, Wise., recently launched the fourth 255-foot, steelhulled rescue/salvage vessel for the U.S. Navy. Christened Grapple (ARS-53), she is the culmination of a three-year construction project supplying

Blume Worldwide Named Sales Representative For Selco Group Of Singapore

William J. Blume, president, announces that Blume Worldwide Services has been appointed North American sales representative for the Selco Group of Companies, Singapore. The Selco Group includes Selco Salvage, which operates a comprehensive marine

Companies Bond Together To Form American Salvage Association

Responding to the need for a presence and to assist in the professionalization of the U.S. marine salvage and firefighting response, nine U.S. salvors have joined together to form the American Salvage Association (ASA). The initial group has participated

The Abandoned Shipwreck Act: Useful Tool for Historic Preservation or Paper Tiger?

In 1988, Congress enacted the Abandoned Shipwreck Act (Pub. L. 100-298, 43 U.S.C. §§ 2101-2106), in an effort to give states more authority to protect the historical provenance of abandoned shipwrecks in state waters. It was one of the more controversial

Salvors Forge Their Way into the Future

Maritime Reporter solicited the opinions of two of the leading marine salvage companies to discover trends and challenges facing marine operators in the near future. The 2003 National Maritime Salvage Conference, sponsored by American Salvage Association (ASA),

Andino Appointed VP At Crowley Maritime International Division

Richard F. Andino has been appointed vice president and general manager of Crowley Maritime Corporation's International Division, San Francisco, Calif., according to a recent announcement by Leo L. Collar, CMC executive vice president. The appointment

! Safe Haven1 Debate Could Have Resounding Effects

A situation ongoing at press time half way around the world promises to affect the way in which ship emergencies are handled in the U.S. and abroad. Last month, debates were raging and political fur was flying as the stricken tanker, Castor, carrying 29,

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