Maritime Industry

M.A.N.-B&W Turbochargers Reduce Fuel Consumption

—Literature Available During the past year, the Polish engine manufacturer ZGODA tested an NA 34/T M.A.N.-B&W high-efficiency turbocharger on the test bed of a 6 ZL 40 engine. After successful tests, an identical engine from the four-engine plant


Lykes President W.J. Amoss Receives American Legion Merchant Marine Award

W.J. Amoss Jr., president of Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., Inc., a subsidiary of The LTV Corporation, was presented the American Legion's National Merchant Marine Award by President Ronald Reagan in a recent White House ceremony. President Reagan said Mr.

First Heavy Lift Ships Built In U.S.

The first heavy lift ships ever built in a U.S. shipyard, the John Henry and the Paul Bunyan, were christened recently at the shipyard of Peterson Builders, Inc. in Sturgeon Bay, Wis. They are owned by American Heavy Lift Shipping Company (AHL),

NACExpo 2003 Set for San Diego

According to the study, "Corrosion Costs and Preventive Strategies," the cost of corrosion in the U.S. is a staggering $276 billion per year. The shipping industry alone accounts for $2.7- billion, broken down into new ship construction — $1.1 billion, maintenance and repairs — $0.

Thor Dahl Shipping Expands To South Pacific

A/S Thor Dahl Shipping of Sanderjord, Norway has purchased South Pacific InterLine (SPI) from Reederi AB Gotland of Visby, Sweden. Thor Dahl Shipping assigned its San Francisco-based shipping company, South Seas Steamship (SSS), full responsiblity for managing SPI's vessels,

Propeller Club Announces Students Essay Contest

The Propeller Club of the United States has announced its 43rd Harold Harding Annual Maritime Essay Contest for High School Students, and its Second National Maritime Essay Contest for College Students. Capt. Robert E. Hart, president of The Propeller Club Port of New York,

Thrane & Thrane Offers Capsat Fleet77

Thrane & Thrane has started shipping Capsat Fleet77 products to its partners and distributors worldwide. "We have now been shipping Capsat Fleet77 systems to our distributors for a couple of weeks in order to enable them to demonstrate the product

Two Firms Request Aid For 165,000-DWT Tankers Costing $173.8 Million

Shipco 2295, Inc. and Shipco 2296, Inc., 611 Wilmington Trust Building, 110 West 10th Street, Wilmington, Del. 19801, have filed applications for Title XI Federal Ship Financing Guarantees to aid in financing the construction of two (one for each applicant) 165,

MarAd To Study Liner Segment Of U.S. Merchant Fleet

Harbridge House has been contacted by the Maritime Administration to perform what may be one of the most far-reaching studies ever of the liner segment of the U.S. merchant fleet. The study will explore the berth line operators in, basically, three possible economic settings: 1.

Guralnick Associates Receives DOE Contract

Morris Guralnick Associates, Inc., San Francisco, Calif., has just been selected by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) to provide naval architectural and marine e n g i n e e r i n g consulting services throughout the period of design and construction of OTEC-1,

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