Navigation Sciences Offers Viewnav® Master Mariner Brochure

A full-color "Viewnav® Master Mariner Electronic Chart Navigation System" brochure is available from Navigation Sciences, Inc. of Bethesda, Md. The four-page brochure describes and illustrates the Viewnav system used by operators of pilotboats, ferries, tugboats, and others who need an extra edge in accuracy for navigation.

The Viewnav system combines differential Loran-C, with radar, NOS-quality digitized electronic charts, and proprietary software to present "live" displays of surrounding activity. Accuracy is to within 5 yards, using repeatable differential loran fixes. Radar images are superimposed and displayed on the chart water areas to show vessel traffic and other targets. Buoys, navaids, and channels are shown in actual chart colors. True motion displays are selectable in ranges from one to 48 NM, with automatic electronic chart advancement.

The Viewnav Master Mariner Electronic Chart System consists of a control console, 14- and 20-inch full-color display monitor, and main equipment cabinets. Equipped with its own special Loran-C receiver, and radar and gyro interface units the Viewnav system interfaces with existing equipment including radar, gyrocompass, Doppler speed log, Satnav, and Decca systems.

For a copy of the Viewnav Master Mariner system brochure,

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