Split-Hull Hopper Dredge Delivered By Nichols

splithull hopper dredge
delivered by nichols

The Nichols Brothers, Whidbey Island, Wash., facility completed the second of the two hulls comprising the 265-foot by 54-foot by 22-foot split hull, self-propelled hopper dredge for Manson Construction Company in Seattle, in May of this year. Each of these massive sections was towed from Whidbey Island to Manson's Seattle facility. The 24-foot by 44-foot by 16-foot superstructure with 16- foot by 20-foot wheelhouse was barged down to the Manson dock. The 18-man crew will be comfortably housed in these centrally heated and air-conditioned crew's quarters.

This unusual split-hull concept was conceived before 1900, but has been used primarily in dump barges. Manson's new dredge Newport, being self-propelled, will be a new departure from their traditionally tugassisted barges. Through this design, Robert W. Long, Seattle naval architect, has provided Manson with a vessel capable of dredging mud and sand to a depth of 65 feet. Hopper capacity is 4,000 cubic yards.

The propulsion system featuring two "Z" drive steerable propellers and a bow thruster from Maritime Industries, Vancouver, B.C., makes this huge vessel more maneuverable and provides the ability to work in confined waters.

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