ABB Offers Eight-Page, Full-Color Brochure On Turbochargers

ABB Turbo Systems Ltd. of Baden, Switzerland, has published an eight-page, full-color brochure on the VTR..4E range of turbochargers manufactured by the company.

BBC turbochargers type VTR have been manufactured since 1944, during which time they have been continually adapted to suit the requirements of the market. The range of VTR..4E turbochargers meets the demands of modern twoand four-stroke engines equipped with power turbine systems. Owing to the excellent efficiency which, according to the company, is much higher than the engine really needs, it is possible to utilize some of the exhaust gases direct in the power turbine to improve the fuel consumption or to generate additional energy.

The brochure discusses the design and functional range of VTR turbochargers, development objectives, field of application, and the VTR design concept. Cutaway drawings, photos and graphs complement the descriptive text.

For more information and a free copy of the brochure on the VTR..4E range of turbochargers from ABB Turbo Systems,

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